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What is a Folk Thai massage?

In Folk Thai massage, practitioners work over the client to efficiently apply acupressure using body weight.

Folk Thai massage (Nuad Chaleisak) is the most common style of Traditional Thai massage in Thailand, originating and applied within family households and in the public arena. It has the name Folk Thai massage because the techniques and procedures strongly depend on local regions, villages and communities.

Folk Thai massage is a less strict style of Thai massage than Royal Thai massage. Folk Thai massage has many other names, such as Chaleisak, Nuat Chaloeyseuk, Folk Massage, Folk Healing Massage, Rural Thai Massage, Indigenous Massage, Northern Style Thai Massage, Commoner Massage, and Commoner Style Thai Massage. In Western countries, this style is sometimes called Thai Yoga massage.

Unlike Royal Thai massage, in which practitioners rely primarily on thumbs, a Thai Massage practitioner may use thumbs, palms, arms, knees, feet, and elbows for acupressure in a Folk Thai massage. And Folk Thai massage includes stretching, spinal twists, chiropractics, joint mobilization, and other manipulations.


Traditional Thai Massage

Folk Thai massage is the most common style of Thai Traditional Massage in Thailand, originating and applied within family households and in the public arena.

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Traditional Thai Massage

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Folk Thai massage may feel more intimate or less polite to those who first experience it as the practitioner works very close to the receiver’s body.

Folk Thai massage includes examination, diagnosis, and treatment. The treatment addresses and prevents general health issues and is excellent as a relaxation massage. But this style is also appropriate as a therapeutic massage.

In contrast to Royal Thai Massage, Folk Thai massage has fewer rules. Usually, a practitioner treats the recipient in more positions than Royal Thai massage. So a Folk Thai massage may include the prone position (with the client lying on their stomach) in addition to the face-up, side-lying and sitting positions.

At Sirius Health

Folk Thai massage is the keystone of our Thai Lanna massage at Sirius Health. We also include modalities such as Herbal Compress and Tok Sen. In the Chiang Mai area, Lanna Thai massage will also include Ched Hak and Yam Khang.

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