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What is the significance of foot washing?

Foot washing keeps things sanitary, and the traditional belief is that washing your feet leaves bad luck at the door.

Although it is not illegal to show the soles of your feet in Thailand, Thai culture deems it extremely rude and taboo to do so at any time. Thai people consider the head the most sacred part of the body and the feet the lowest and filthiest. For this reason, Thai people consider it rude to:

  • Show the soles of your feet to anyone
  • Raise your feet higher than someone‚Äôs head
  • Use your feet to point to something
  • Step over a person
  • Put your feet on a desk or chair
  • Step on a threshold of a home or temple

Thai people traditionally sit on the floor or on cushions on the floor to eat, relax and entertain, and you must remove your shoes before entering these spaces. In some cases, such as when you go for a massage, you or someone else will wash your feet before entering this space. In addition to keeping things more sanitary and feeling good, the traditional belief is that washing your feet before entering leaves bad luck at the door.

Sirius Health intends to be true to traditional Thai massage, so all services at Sirius Health will begin with foot washing.

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