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Incorporating Tok Sen At My Clinic

Homemade herbal compresses

The one service that I look forward to incorporating more into my practice is Tok Sen.

Tok sen, a healing modality originating from northern Thailand dating back to the Lanna Kingdom. Tok means to tap, and Sen refers to the energy lines found in most Asian medicine systems.

During a Tok Sen treatment, I use a kon (hammer/mallet) and lim (peg/wedge) to tap on my client’s energy lines instead of using my thumbs, elbows or knees. A typical session incorporates both the kon and lim plus traditional Thai massage techniques.

The tapping is good for relieving muscle tension, especially in the larger muscles like the shoulders, back and glutes. Tok Sen also reduces physical and mental stress, promotes relaxation, improves blood circulation and clears energy blockages.

Truth be told, I haven’t promoted Tok Sen as much as traditional Thai massage and Herbal Compress massage simply because I have not had nearly the same amount of training. I am already twice as confident, and I plan to learn even more before I return.

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