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Do I Make My Own Herbal Compresses

Homemade herbal compresses

One question that clients often ask is whether I make my own Herbal Compresses. No, I don’t.

The easiest way to justify my decision is that Saskatoon is not exactly the best place to find the ingredients I would need for a traditional Thai recipe. And one ingredient is extremely difficult; plai. Plai is kind of like ginger but different. And you can substitute galangal, but galangal is equally hard to find.

One option I have is to substitute other ingredients in the Thai recipe or make a Saskatchewan Herbal Compress with things native to our province. But I offer Thai Herbal Compress massages, and I feel pretty strongly that I need to respect tradition and use Herbal Compresses made with the correct spices.

Fortunately, I have had great success finding suppliers in Chiang Mai, so every six months or so I send out an order for 500 Herbal Compresses. They are made with dried herbs and they are each vacuum-packed, so I am happy with the product.

But while I am here, I will definitely enjoy receiving massages with fresh herbs and spices.

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