Save Time and Money With Onsite Group Training

Learn Thai massage skills with group training programs in your location. No need to travel to Saskatoon!

Learn the skills of traditional Thai massage without the hassle and high costs of travelling to Saskatoon for training. Sirius Health Thai Massage School offers the unique advantage of bringing high-quality, customizable Thai massage training directly to your facility, tailored to meet your needs or selected from our comprehensive course inventory. Train seven or more staff members, friends or like-minded practitioners onsite, saving time and money while investing in the growth and proficiency of Thai massage in your city.

Why Onsite Thai Massage Training Is Popular

Let’s take a glance at the lucrative perks below:

1. Location

Location is undoubtedly the most significant advantage of onsite Thai massage training. Instead of travelling to Saskatoon, Sirius Health will train you at your location. Onsite training means you won’t be away from your business for multiple days or have to pay the extra costs of accommodation and meals. And since the onsite training cost will increase or decrease depending on the number of students you find, you can proactively reduce costs by finding other students in your area.

For a business, onsite training means that instead of sending your employees to Saskatoon, Sirius Health will train them at your company. The training also brings liberty to the organization to make the changes and decide who might or might not attend the training at the last minute. As with any other host, the cost to your business will increase or decrease depending on the number of employees in the course, but you can make that decision.

2. Revenue Sharing

Training can be expensive, and the temptation is often to choose a cheap solution rather than one that benefits you or your business the most. To offset the cost of training, Sirius Health will share 25% of the net revenue with whoever hosts the onsite training. The expenses of onsite training include travel, accommodation and meals. The longer the course (or days of teaching), the less the course costs per day, and the fewer students are required to make the course affordable.

As a business, if you are paying for your employee’s training, you can use this revenue to offset the time lost by having your employee’s training. Or if you pass the cost of training off to your employees, you can reduce their costs by subsidizing their training with the 25% revenue.

3. Tailored Business Solutions

Organizations worldwide often look for ways to train employees to enhance their productivity. Onsite training offers many benefits that help your team become more innovative and productive. Whether you wish to train your staff in a particular department or want them to embrace new skills, Sirius Health Thai Massage School tailors the onsite Thai massage classes to suit all your purposes.

Unlike other training courses, Onsite Thai Massage Training is the most beneficial way of training employees, especially when your business has specific requirements. With onsite training, you will enjoy the comfort of dedicated experts coming to your premises to deliver a customized training plan to suit your unique business requirements.

Every business has specific needs and a different working nature. With onsite training, Grant evaluates your business needs before providing solutions. You can customize any Thai massage course according to your needs and ensure it meets your specific expectations, or you can choose from the available courses. Onsite training provides training programs that cater to your industry and goals.

4. Learn As a Team

Thai massage is relatively unknown, so the best way to build awareness is to create a network of other Thai massage practitioners in your area. Onsite training brings you together with like-minded people in your area, and together, you can introduce more people to this ancient healing tradition. Not only do you share the costs of training by bringing Sirius Health to your location, but you also build a community of support.

For a business, onsite training enables employees to work and learn together, which helps you with team building. Thai massage training increases unity and enhances productivity and working relationships. With our courses, employees work together and learn new skills as a team. Give your employees a great sense of motivation and deliver their needs with job satisfaction.

5. You Are Free to Choose Time and Space

Onsite training is all about your needs and comfort. Sirius Health will tailor any Thai massage course to match your requirements, schedule, and comfort. You can choose a time and place that works best for you and your fellow students instead of driving to a less convenient location.

As a business, onsite training lets you schedule staff training according to the best times for your operation. Whether you want training at your head office or hotel, you can select the dates that suit your requirements. You can also arrange to train staff on different shift patterns with Sirius Health.

6. Keep Your Certification Updated

Regulating bodies like the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada (NHPC), Canadian Massage and Manuel Osteopathic Therapists Association (CMMOTA), and others require members to have a certain number of Continuing Education credits. Rather than selecting a course you aren’t interested in simply because it is close enough to where you live or inexpensive, you can now bring the training you want to your location.

For a business, it is essential to have your employees certified, but sending them for training can be costly and time-consuming. Onsite training fills this requirement and allows you to shape the direction of your organization by having your staff learn similar skills. Sirius Health will train employees on your time, according to your direction and keep them compliant with regulating bodies.

Request An Estimate for Onsite Training

How Revenue Sharing is Calculated for Onsite Training

Once you submit your Offsite Training Application Form, Grant will calculate the revenue and expenses accurately based on the location of the class, the accommodation and venue costs, and other factors. You will then receive a spreadsheet showing you what revenue you can expect based on different numbers of students and training plans. You can change one or two fields to see how many students or how many days of training you need to book to be profitable.

Here are some of the factors the spreadsheet will include:

Target Revenue

Your spreadsheet will show two lines for revenue: one for Sirius Health and one for you or your business. The target revenue for Sirius Health Thai Massage School is $300 per day, the average personal income Grant makes when he has clients in his clinic. Typically, a class will need seven or more students to be acceptable. Still, you can make a course more viable by providing the space for training or by offsetting the accommodation costs with by billeting Grant.

Course Alternatives

Grant will provide several options for training based on your needs. For instance, one tab might show the costs associated with hosting a single five-day class, and another might show the costs of hosting a five-day and a three-day class back to back. Each option will appear as a separate tab in the spreadsheet, and each sheet will have the same customizable fields for you to test.


The accommodation field is one of the fields with which you can experiment. Adjust this field to see how accommodation costs change the final revenue projections.

Days Away

Sirius Health will assume one travel day before and after each course. If you choose to host more than one class at a time, Sirius Health will have one rest day in between.

Total Distance

The total distance is the distance to and from Saskatoon to your location.


This rate is what CRA considers reasonable for 2023.


This rate is what CRA considers reasonable for 2023.

Get Started Right Away and Stay Confident!

Onsite training is the best way to minimize downtime and increase productivity. Thai massage is extremely popular, and you can easily attain your mission of teaching your employees these skills.

Expect better results and have peace of mind. Consider our onsite training to enhance your productivity with this amazing learning opportunity.

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