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Level 4: Therapeutic Thai Massage


Level 4 Therapeutic Thai Massage course

This certified 30-hour Thai massage course teaches you how to address specific ailments such as shoulder, hip, back or knee pain.

Course Dates

April 10-14, 2024


July 24-28, 2024


Course Summary


Level 3: Advanced Thai Massage


30 Hours

Course Fee

$720 plus GST

The primary focus of this course is to teach you how to use Thai massage to address specific ailments such as shoulder, hip, back or knee pain. You will learn the location of points for each disorder and the techniques to work correctly on these points for effective healing. You will also learn how to plan Thai massage sequences for specific conditions.

Course Details


Wednesday to Sunday


9:00 am – 4:00 pm


Handbook, T-shirt, certificate

Our courses emphasize hands-on training and practical experience. In addition to working with the instructor and other students, you can practice your new skills on Sirius Health client volunteers on the fourth training day.

This course will begin daily with Thai Yoga (Reusi Dat Ton) or Qigong. Course content will include a detailed look at working with Sen and explain the Thai concept of core element constitution. We will also discuss considerations for setting up a Thai massage clinic and learn about the relationship between Thai massage and the Buddha Dharma.

By the end of the course, you will be able to design Thai massage sequences that combine techniques from levels 1 to 3 with the new pressure points to address specific therapeutic issues.

Course Requirements

Students are required to complete any homework assigned.
Students must achieve a mark of 70% or above on skill assessments. If you receive a mark below 70%, you must do a re-assessment. Cost: $25.
Students are required to attend 90% of the class. Students absent from lessons must make up the missed ones from 16:00 to 17:00, Monday to Thursday. The cost of the makeup lesson is $40 per 1-hour session. In the case of illness, Sirius Health will not charge for makeup lessons. A doctor’s certificate is required
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