Advanced Thai Massage Courses

The Advanced Thai massage courses build on the skills you have acquired in the first two levels of Thai massage training.

We do not teach you new sequences but instead will show you alternative and extra techniques to add to your existing sequence.

Advanced Thai Acupressure course

Advanced Acupressure

This certified 18-hour Thai massage course teaches how to use elbows, knees, and feet instead of hands and palms.

Advanced Thai Stretching course

Advanced Stretching

This certified 18-hour Thai massage course teaches more difficult stretches and joint mobilizations.

Dynamic Thai Massage course

Dynamic Thai Massage

This certified 18-hour Thai massage course teaches continuous movement, rocking alternatives, and dynamic stretches.


Traditional Thai Massage

Folk Thai massage is the most common style of Thai Traditional Massage in Thailand, originating and applied within family households and in the public arena.

Visit our Knowledge Base to learn more about Traditional Thai massage and the difference between the Folk and Royal styles.


Traditional Thai Massage

Everything that we teach in our school we practice in our clinic. To experience a traditional Thai massage, book with Grant.

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