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Thai Massage Courses

Building confidence through hands-on training
Sirius Health Thai Massage School offers training courses in Thai Traditional Massage and related Lanna therapies at all levels. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced practitioner, our teaching is very hands-on and personal.
We encourage individuals to discover their strengths and strategies, as every healer is individually built and uniquely gifted. Age matters, too, as do cultural habits. Some Thai massage positions are physically impossible for some practitioners, so we teach you alternate techniques and stretches.
We award certificates for 12 hours (2 days of study), 18 hours (3 days of study), and 30 hours (5 days of study). Occasionally, we offer shorter workshops but only award official certificates for our complete courses.
We restrict our classes to a maximum of 8 students so that we can give personal attention to everybody. And we insist that our students change partners each day. It is not surprising for a naturally gifted beginner to be working beside a professional or for a professional to start again on the fundamentals of technique voluntarily.

We encourage you to discover
your strengths and strategies;
you are individually built
and uniquely gifted.

Lanna Thai Massage

Thai Massage Certification

Our 180-hour professional Thai massage training meets the requirements for you to qualify as a Thai Massage practitioner in Canada.
Course content includes all training from the Advanced Thai Acupressure, Advanced Thai Stretching and Thai Yoga courses.

Certification Training Details

Thai massage certification courses at Sirius Health.

Lanna Thai Massage

Advanced Thai Massage Courses

The Advanced Thai massage courses build on the skills you have acquired in the first two levels of Thai massage training. We do not teach you new sequences but instead will be showing you alternative and extra techniques to add to your existing sequence.

Advanced Training Details

Advanced Thai massage courses at Sirius Health.

Lanna Thai Massage

Standalone Thai Massage Courses

Our standalone Thai massage modalities are for anyone interested in learning some of the unique styles of Thai massage from Northern Thailand. You do not require any previous training in Thai massage.

Standalone Training Details

Standalone Thai massage courses at Sirius Health.

Traditional Modalities

Hybrid Modalities

Lanna Thai Massage

ITM Thai Massage Courses

If you wish to complete your certification in Thailand, the Level 1 and 2 ITM courses are the same programs you would receive in Thailand. Upon completion, you will receive certificates from ITM and be eligible to continue studying Levels 3 to 5 in Thailand.

ITM Training Details

ITM Level 1 and 2 training at Sirius Health

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