Thai Massage

Our instructor, Grant Martens, is accredited by Thai Healing Alliance International (THAI).

Tradition is our standard

Our instructor, Grant Martens, is accredited by the Thai Healing Alliance International (THAI) as a Registered Instructor and an Advanced Registered Thai Therapist.

Grant is the author of a modern curriculum of Northern-style ancient Thai massage. He incorporates movements and breathing techniques from Qigong and Reusi Dat Ton, creating a unique healing art.

Keeping tradition alive, the modern way

Grant Martens RTT

THAI Certification: #4609-21-C NHPC Certification: #23205

Leading a class at Sirius Health Thai Massage School
Leading a workshop at McKay Career Training Academy in Saskatoon, SK.


Client Sessions: 3660 Hours
In-Person Training: 800 Hours
Work Experience: 5 Years
Level 1 Modalities: Foot Reflexology, Fire Cupping, Reusi Dat Ton
Level 2 Modalities: Tok Sen, Herbal Compress

Grant Martens is the owner and founder of Sirius Health and is recognized as a Registered Instructor and an Advanced Registered Thai Therapist by the Thai Healing Alliance International (THAI). Grant is licensed by the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada (NHPC) as a Thai Massage Practitioner.

Grant received his first Thai massage in 2016 at the Gellert Bath and Spa in Budapest when he was travelling across Europe with his family and was utterly amazed by the experience. Grant then travelled to Thailand and took his first training from the Thai Massage School of Thailand (TMC) in Chiang Mai in 2018. During this time, Grant also had private sessions with Mr. Nat at the Suppatra Blind Massage clinic.

Grant returned to Chiang Mai in 2021 and completed his CAPT at the International Training Massage School (ITM). He also took numerous short courses at Ong’s Thai Massage School during this visit.


Therapeutic Thai Massage

Tok Sen Massage

Herbal Compress Massage

Thai Oil Massage


In-Person Training

Thai Therapy Massage
Tok Sen Massage
Thai Ten Sen
Thai Reusi Dat Ton
Thai Foot Reflexology
Thai Herbal Compress Massage
Elbow and Knee Power
Tok Sen Therapy
Thai Advanced Stretching
Certified Advanced Practitioner and Teacher Training
The Foundations of Thai Massage
Intermediate Thai Massage
TM Fire Cupping
TM Herbal Compress Massage
Private Instruction with Mr. Nat
Intensive Professional Thai Massage

Online Training

Thai Medical Theory for Bodyworkers
Dynamic/Rocking Thai Massage
Chi Nei Tsang
Complete Thai Massage
Heavenly Head Massage
Thai Foot Massage and Reflexology
Thai Shoulder Therapy
Thai Rocking Massage
Thai Massage Hip Therapy
Thai Massage Energy Lines
Thai Massage Back Therapy
Thai Massage Sacrum Therapy
Thai Massage Knee Therapy
Thai Massage for Sciatica
Thai Massage for Arms and Hands
Seven Ways to Move the Spine
Member of Thai Healing Alliance International
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