Authentic, Certified Hands-on

Thai Massage Training

Our training program provides the hands-on training, practical experience and all the support you need to become a qualified and confident Thai massage practitioner.

Accredited School Since 2021

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

Learn Thai Massage From a Practitioner

Acquire first-hand knowledge from a practicing Advanced Registered Thai Therapist and Registered Instructor, Grant Martens. Build a strong foundation for your Thai massage practice with:

qualified and accredited Thai massage courses
Traditional Thai Medicine curriculum
guidance in hands-on classes
real patients

Our massage school is located in the vibrant River Land in downtown Saskatoon. You can spend your downtime unwinding in Saskatoon, exploring outdoor activities like walking the Meewasin Valley Trail, kayaking, cycling, or visiting our Remai Modern Museum. We’re a school that provides experience, wisdom and is in an environment that offers lifetime experiences.

Why Choose Us?

You’ll be supported beyond the classes when undergoing Thai massage training at Sirius Health Thai Massage School. Regardless of your experience, we solidify your foundational knowledge of traditional Thai massage therapy methods and mindset and build on its principles to ensure your future practice stays authentic and sustainable for as long as possible.

Every class equips you with the correct knowledge and confidence to perform Thai massage techniques anywhere in the world. Our person-centric approach is hands-on and theory-based, where you’ll learn the precise moves, pressure, adaptations, healing process, and wisdom to become a talented Thai massage practitioner.


Leading a class at Sirius Health Thai Massage School

We authorized by Thai Healing Alliance International and the Natural Practitioners of Canada.

VAK Instruction

Teaching Thai massage acupressure at Sirius Health Thai Massage School

Our courses intentionally accommodate visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learners.

Mobility Training

Qigong class in Victoria Park, Saskatoon

We include mobility training to help students perform Thai Massage safely and effectively.

Sirius Health Thai Massage School

Location and Facilities

Our state-of-the-art school is situated in the heart of Saskatoon in the River Landing.

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Promote health and peace through
excellence in education,
compassion in action
and honouring the connection to Thailand
and the lineage of Thai bodywork.

Other Reasons to Choose Us

On top of what we consider high-quality courses, Sirius Health Thai Massage School also provides the following:

Hands-On Training

Our courses emphasize hands-on training and practical experience, so we ensure that you have lots of time to practice.

Clinical Instruction

There is no pre-established protocol. We teach you how to create a treatment and follow the healing process step-by-step.

Small Class Size

To ensure that we have time to work with you and every other student, we limit our class size to eight students.


Our curriculum focus is therapeutic Thai massage techniques that give you maximum results in a minimum amount of time.

Guest Clients

Each course we give our students the opportunity to practice their new skills on a Sirius Health client volunteer.

No Hidden Costs

Your price includes all tools and certificates. You don’t have to pay extra for anything; not even for official ITM certificates.

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Our Mission

To develop personnel trained with knowledge and skills in Lanna Thai massage at international standards.
To become a learning organization of Lanna Thai massage for Canada.
To bring honour, respect and dignity to Lanna Thai massage traditions.
To build people’s good perception and attitude toward Lanna Thai massage for career development and advancement.
To continually develop quality excellence for the organization.List item

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